NitrogenSports Review

NitrogenSports is no ordinary sportsbook but a great quintessential brand in the betting world. It is one of the few modern online bookmakers that exclusively use Bitcoin for payments. In addition to exciting large-scale sports betting events, you can also enjoy Vegas-style online casino games and poker games. The operation of this site is entirely different, but it’s perfect for all punters who hope to step up their gambling lifestyle.

That’s not all! But we’re sure you are here to wrap up your head around this platform, perhaps to see if this site is worth a dime. Without further ado, you can get what you want. This post contains everything you need to know about this bookmaker. Thus, before we get into the details, let’s take a look at the highlights of this bookmaker.

Key Takeaways

  • Complete anonymous betting
  • High betting Limits
  • Provably fair games
  • Fast payouts

Quick Information

Who NitrogenSports is for?

NitrogenSports is one of the new perks in the Bitcoin gambling market. In fact, it’s hard to overlook when it comes to authentic Bitcoin-only bookies of all time. This currency adoption has attracted thousands of players worldwide. Since 2012, this bookie has built an exceptional and solid reputation among its competitors in the betting world. NitrogenSports is new but still offers gems of sports betting events to all punters.

This bookmarker is a perfect shot for all gamblers who want to enjoy massive winning opportunities differently with huge limits. There are various but unique sportsbook events, and live betting events on the platform to bet on. You can place bets on the Rugby League, eSports games, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Cricket, and others. Also, Nitrogen is an ideal sportsbook market for you if you want a platform that offers fast payments

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Operate Anonymous accounts
  • Desirable security features
  • Numerous sports events
  • Offers ongoing promotion
  • Instant deposits and payout
  • No welcome bonuses
  • Accept only Bitcoin
  • Limited customer support channels

Pros Explained

  • ·Unlike other online gambling sites, NitrogensSports Bookmaker allows anonymous punters. As a result, registration is free. You don’t need to provide any information before using the platform.
  • The security features of the platform might entice you to join NitrogenSports. This betting site uses advanced in-page 2FA security to keep its user’s personal details safe. Therefore, be sure your privacy is highly respected.
  • You would enjoy exciting betting opportunities on this sportsbook because of the large-scale sports betting events on the platform. One of the unique things about this betting platform is that you can often get updated matches, leagues, and tournaments that you can bet on. So it’s a smart choice for any player who wants to improve their game.
  • In contrast with other gambling sites, this bookie is mixed with special and profitable sports betting promotions. These rewards include NFL Survival Pool, NBA Underdog Challenge, and Parlay Jackpot.
  • What makes this brand unique is the fast deposit and withdrawal process. NitrogenSports accept only one cryptocurrency payment method, but you will receive your funds within 24 hours.

Cons Explained

  • One of the main drawbacks of this platform is that it only uses Bitcoin as a payment method.
  • You’re mistaken if you plan to join this platform because of the welcome bonus. Bookmaker NitrogenSports does not offer signup bonuses or deposit bonuses. In fact, there are no bonus codes or player-free bets on the site.
  • On this bookie, there are limited support channels. NitrogenSports does not offer phone call options or regular live chat options.

7 Factors to Consider before joining NitrogenSports

As stated earlier, NitrogenSports has some significant strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, you can still ask questions on the forum. But since you don’t want to spend a lot of time making decisions on the platform, here’s some good news! This section presents 7 key factors to consider before joining a bookmaker.

1. Payments

Firstly, always consider the banking options on the gambling site you intend to join. There’s no legal sportsbook that doesn’t have payment options. Most times, online sportsbooks offer a vast array of options, including eWallets, Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, and others. Unfortunately, you can only deposit or withdraw your winnings via Bitcoin on NitrogenSports. Just set up and verify your Bitcoin wallet.

However, to use Bitcoin on the NitrogenSports website, you must first purchase Bitcoin with your account. Also, all payments via Bitcoin are available within 24hours. Needless to say, if you are a first-time player, there is a 0.0001 BTC withdrawal fee.

2. Customer Support

A customer service plan on the website is a must for any betting site. Undoubtedly, if something goes wrong with the platform, you need a contact center. Imagine playing on a platform without a customer service provider. We’re pretty sure that’s quite depressing. So, you should check out online betting sites that have support lines like live chat, email, or phone. Unlike many other bookmakers, NitrogenSports’ customer service is entirely different. There is no live chat or phone support. The support channel available is 24/7 email. So, if you need help, send a message to [email protected].

Meanwhile, the platform offers a “live support ticket” that allows players to simultaneously contact the NitrogenSports support agent. Therefore, this option may not be suitable for you. In such cases, we recommend that you send a message to the platform by email and receive a response within 24 hours.

3. Quality Odds

NitrogenSports excels at providing its users with quality betting lines and odds, you can even find the Oddspedia comparison table on our homepage. The platform is known for its excellent and stable odds. These predictions are only available as a fraction. This bookmaker provides exclusive and accurate forecasts for almost every major sport. The platform also has odds for every ITF event.

Moving on, NitrogenSports bookmaker provides more than just predictions of current events. Additionally, other alternative betting lines include futures lines, props, and in-play odds. Futures odds are usually open for several months. It gives you the predictions of who will win a particular tournament or championship. The Props odds are determined by the public interest with T&Cs applied. Meanwhile, the live odds are available as soon as the match starts.

4. Markets Offered

Joining a sports bookmaker with a vast market is beneficial for all players. In other words, you tend to filter out all sports betting events, place exclusive bets and win big. NitrogenSports only deals with low-level betting but offers an excellent betting market for all its clients. This feature sets the forum apart from other competitors in the industry.

In addition to the usual sports you can bet on, there are other betting opportunities you can check out on our website. One big market is esports games. To do this, you can bet on events such as CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft, Dota 2, World of Tanks, Rocket League, Valorant, and more. Likewise, you enjoy betting on live and other in-game betting events where you can wager on totals, first-half winners, exact scores, and more. Other notable bets offered on the platform include Money Lines, Futures, Spreads, Parlays, Alternative Lines, and more.

5. Responsible Gambling

If you want to enjoy betting, you should consider a bookmaker with a gaming policy. Whether you control the game or not, you still have to bet responsibly. There is no doubt that gambling is fun, but if you become obsessed with it, you can become addicted to it. As a result, you tend to keep your nose to the grindstone.

Despite the anonymous bets, NitrogenSports still has a deep interest in its players. That’s why it employs a strict responsible gambling policy for all players. To cut the chase, website users who decide to break this gambling habit should limit themselves to the platform. Unlike other bookmakers, this company only uses strict and permanent self-exclusion options. This means that you cannot reopen your account once you request the restriction.

6. Trust Level

Avoid betting on insecure betting platforms to avoid stories that touch the heart. The last thing you want to do is gamble on an illegal website and put yourself at risk. So, be sure about the level of trust for the sportsbook. However, among bookies you can bank on, NitrogenSports is not left out. This bookmaker is reliable and legit.

This website security feature is robust, desirable, and impressive. Since a notable gambling commission authorizes this platform, you can rely on this bookie. NitrogenSports uses advanced SSL encryption technology to protect player data strictly. Similarly, it uses a two-factor authentication mechanism to back up security players. You can only log in to your account with the One-Time password sent to your mobile number. Above all, the platform also runs an utterly anonymous version that requires no confidential information. 

7. Bonuses

Regardless of the sportsbook, you decide to join, never discard the bonus points and prizes offered on the platform. No doubt! Many gamblers subscribe to any bookmaker with tons of rewards and promotions. That’s because it is a chance to get a big buck. Unlike other bookmakers, NitrogenSports bonuses work differently. It is essential to know that the platform does not offer a welcome or deposit bonus.

Nevertheless, this bookmaker still offers exciting and ongoing promotions to all sports betting fans on the site. One big promotion is the NFL’s Annual Survival Pool. This reward contains 9 pools. But it works when you correctly predict the winner of each pro-NFL football game every week. Going forward, the NBA Underdog Challenge is also a promotion with huge prizes on the site. In this case, players have a chance to win NBA basketball bets and an extra 0.1 BTC. Alternatively, you can visit the site’s store and buy some fantastic items.

Another fantastic promotion is the Parlay Jackpot. This promotion is monthly but a bit more complicated than the Survival Pool. Meanwhile, this promotion works when you play parlay. The bookmaker then adds a portion of the stake to the jackpot. Each bet is split over three options: Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Featherweight. After all, the biggest win at Parlay is the monthly jackpot. Likewise, NitrogenSports offers loyalty points to existing users.

Performance and User Experience

Even if you are new to the NitrogenSports bookmaker, betting on the platform is entirely free. Take a look at the site, and you will fall in love with the gray and red theme. The best part of the forum is that all the information on the site is well organized and easy to read. This modern sportsbook has been designed to ensure that bettors have the engaging experience they want.

All game sections are neatly laid out on the platform. You can expand each segment for easy access to its events. Likewise, you can access the platform’s essential features, including settings, promotions, cashier, accounts, and others. Not only is NitrogenSports easy to navigate, but also functional. The filtering capabilities of the platform are also a plus. The bookmaker offers a state-of-the-art website that is mobile and desktop friendly. Whether you’re using a smartphone, iOS, Blackberry, Mac, or desktop computer, you can easily access the website from your web browser.

NitrogenSports Reputation

This bookmaker has a good reputation for its user-friendly interface and reliable security measures from the start. Since the player’s data is not required, there is little chance of an information leak problem. Likewise, NitrogenSports is recognized for its reliable and fast payouts. Many players give the bookie high marks for the odds provided on the forum.

Nevertheless, this bookmaker is not without shortcomings. There are various negative reviews about the brand’s quality of service, especially the customer support scheme. NitrogenSports only offers an email option, so a quick response to requests is noticeably slower. If only the website could improve customer service options, it’s utterly perfect for all punters in the gambling world.

Our Recommendations

We approve this outstanding bookie for any player looking for a modern betting platform with a fast payout history. That’s because this leading bookmaker only accepts Bitcoin. By the way, digital currency payments are available within 24 hours. That’s not all! We also recommend the NitrogenSports Sportsbook to anyone looking for a low-cost betting forum. This bookmaker is another excellent option for gamblers who want to bet safely. NitrogenSports Bookmaker takes first-class security measures for all users of the platform.


Is NitrogenSports paying out?

Sure! Bookmaker NitrogenSports is paying out. Unlike other platforms with many banking options, this bookmaker only accepts Bitcoin. However, you do not need to worry about receiving funds. The platform provides lightning-fast payments with just one withdrawal method. This way, you will receive your winnings immediately, regardless of when you request payment.

Is NitrogenSports Safe?

Without doubt! NitrogenSports are safe for gambling. Since this bookie accepts cryptocurrency, be sure your data is secure. The platform also operates anonymous gaming accounts. Therefore, you do not need to provide personal information to the forum. All players must use 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) to ensure their safety.

Is NitrogenSports legit or Legal?

Yes! The bookmaker NitrogenSports is legit. This platform, unlike others, does not use a popular gambling board, but it is still a legitimate forum for gambling. The site is licensed in the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. This organization ensures that all bets on the platform are valid.

What currencies does NitrogenSports accept?

As a bitcoin betting brand, NitrogenSports accepts Bitcoin.

Where is NitrogenSports located?

NitrogenSports is located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Who owns NitrogenSports?

NitrogenSports is owned and operated by Ideal Media Inc.

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