USA Betting Sites

USA betting sites are not what they once were. Before some financial regulations crippled the industry, forcing most online betting sites to get rid of their American-facing operations, Americans were by far the biggest spenders in the online gambling business. Now, some sites have popped up with the ability to accept deposits and pay withdrawals to USA customers.

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Here is a description of my coverage of USA betting sites and USA-specific bonuses and payment methods. I’ll start with a quick guide to the most common question I hear from readers:

Here’s a quick summary on my opinions about American gaming law:

1. No federal law exists that makes online gambling illegal.
You can look all you want, but you won’t find anything at the federal level declaring that Americans are not allowed to place wagers on the Internet.

2. It is against federal law for sportsbook sites to accept wagers from Americans.

It is not, however, against federal law for you to place such bets. This doesn’t count in the case of casino or poker games, by the way – only sports bets. The Federal Wire Act says pretty clearly that accepting sports bets from US citizens is illegal, but the Department of Justice now says it does not apply to any other games of chance or skill.

3. It is against federal law for banks to handle transactions related to online betting.

Once again, federal law makes it illegal for any bank to handle a known gambling transaction involving US-based players. It’s not illegal for you to MAKE the transaction; it is illegal for a bank to handle the transmission.

So, to sum up – you aren’t breaking American law by placing bets on the Internet. You MAY be breaking a state law, if you live in one of the states listed above, but even then you aren’t likely to be prosecuted.

I’m not a lawyer. This is for educational purposes, only. If you need legal help related to online betting in America, please find a lawyer familiar with US gaming law.

Our Coverage of American Betting Sites

Here’s what you’ll find as part of the comprehensive coverage of USA betting sites on this site:

  • Site reviews
    I’m just as sick of biased betting site reviews stuffed with out-of-date information as you are. The reviews here are written by a real gambler with real experience placing bets online. I’m not selling you anything – I’m sharing details that I think you’ll appreciate. And I do it from a US perspective.
  • Details on currency support
    Though most betting sites use the US dollar, even if they don’t accept US customers, it’s important to know everything you can about a site’s banking details before you open an account. I can also steer you away from sites that aren’t US-friendly.
  • USA-specific bonus reports
    Though US customers don’t get many country-specific bonus opportunities, you can sometimes find a deposit or withdrawal method that’s available only to Americans, and sites often offer special bonuses based on your deposit method. It’s a complicated feature, and I unpack it for you so you are prepared to open an account at the best site for your needs.
  • Details on deposit and withdrawal methods
    Every US-facing betting site has the same few deposit and withdrawal methods – that’s the nature of the business for Americans. It’s still important to understand their various terms and conditions, fee schedules, and other details before you make your decision about where to place your bets. I’ve collected all those details in one easy-to-read location.
  • Customer service contact information
    Sometimes it can be hard to find a specific email address, phone, or fax number you need to do business with a USA-facing betting site. All those details are available on my USA betting sites reviews and other pages.
  • Discussions of US gaming law
    Gambling law in America is complicated. I write about all those legal issues from the perspective of a bettor, a guy who both knows and abides by the minefield that is American gambling law.

Of course, I cover more than just US betting sites and America-centric gambling news. I also cover Canadian betting sites – and that’s good news for US bettors, because many Canada-facing sites offer service in English, accept the US dollar, and are happy to do business with US customers.

I also write about new and existing mobile gambling options, provide you guides to various forms of betting, and constantly update my coverage to provide the only details that matter – the current ones. Stick to my USA betting pages and you’ll be better prepared to navigate the difficult waters of American online gambling.


Betting online in America is not what it was even ten years ago. Big changes to gaming law in America mean that tons of popular sites have bailed on the market entirely, while other opportunists have popped up to take advantage of the murky legal situation that exists. We cover the best USA betting sites from the perspective of American bettors.

USA Sports Betting Questions and Answers

Online sports betting has been a legal grey area in the United States ever since the internet became commercially available. Despite the legal murkiness, you still have plenty of options for betting in America. But is it safe and legal?

Find out as we cover some common questions that many Americans have when betting at online sportsbooks.

In 2011, the US Department of Justice was asked for an interpretation of the US Wire Act of 1961, to which they said that only online sports betting violates the law.

Despite this interpretation, the only major action that we’ve seen taken against offshore sports betting sites is the seizure of domain names like Even in these cases, the site will just switch to a .ag or .eu name and continue operating with no trouble.

Will I Be Arrested for Betting on Sports?

The only states that deem online betting to be illegal are Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington. In Washington, it’s actually a felony to place online bets.

We don’t recommend that you make online sports wagers if you live in these states. But even if you do, the odds of being prosecuted are very, very slim.

Will Online Sports Betting Be Legalized?

As far as the US goes, regulation efforts have been slow due to fears of sports betting corrupting athletes and encouraging point-shaving scandals.

New Jersey has made some unsuccessful attempts to legalize online sports betting, but to no avail. Attitudes are changing, though, and we expect some states to legalize online sports betting within the next few years.

What Sports Can I Bet On?

There’s almost no limit to the number of sports that you can bet on through internet sportsbooks.

In addition to major sports like baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer, you can also look forward to wagering on Aussie rules, boxing, cricket, handball, MMA, rugby, snooker, tennis, the Olympics, and much more.

How Do I Find a Good Online Sportsbook?

One good way is to look at how long an internet sportsbook has been in operation before depositing with them. This isn’t always a foolproof way, but it at least gives you some indication that they’ve withstood the test of time.

Reviews are also nice when trying to figure out where you can bet. Look for nonbiased reviews that don’t just make it sound like everything is perfect at every sports betting site.

Do Online Sports Betting Sites Accept PayPal?

Given that PayPal is an extremely popular e-wallet in America, many bettors want to know if they can use it to make sports wagers. And the answer depends upon where you live.

You can’t use PayPal for US sports betting because they only work with online sportsbooks in regulated markets. But if Delaware, New Jersey, and/or Nevada ever legalize sports betting, then PayPal will likely offer services in these states.

Can I Deposit at Sports Betting Sites with Credit Cards?

Yes, most online sportsbooks accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. You’ll also find some sites that take American Express, Diner’s Club International, and/or prepaid cards.

E-wallets are another popular option, with Neteller and Skrill being the most available. Other payment options include bank transfer, EcoPayz, EntroPay, Ukash, and more that vary based on the individual sportsbook.

Do Sports Betting Sites Offer Apps?

Yes, the vast majority of online sportsbooks these days offer mobile apps.

More bettors than ever before are using smartphones and tablets to place wagers, so sportsbooks know that they must be compatible with mobile devices in order to capitalize on this market.

If you have an Android or Apple iOS device, you should have no trouble placing online bets. Many sportsbooks are also compatible with Blackberry and Windows mobile devices too.

When Are US Betting Lines Offered?

Most US and Canadian online sportsbooks list lines in terms of Eastern Standard Time. So if you live in another time zone, remember to think in terms of EST when deciding how long you have to place a wager.

Can I Win with Sports Betting?

Skilled bettors can win long-term profits through sports betting.

Of course, this is a difficult pursuit that involves lots of hard work and dedication. But it can be worth it if you make a fair amount of profits from online betting.